Why Rodents In Your Costa Mesa Home Are A Big Problem

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Costa Mesa residents deal with all sorts of issues. Crazy weather, crazy neighbors, and the crazy schedules that everyone seems to sign themselves up for these days. As busy as we are though, we still have to make time to control the pests on our properties. Since insects and spiders are so noticeable, it can be easy to put rodents on the "back burner." However, if you knew how dangerous mice and rats can be in your Costa Mesa home, you’d be very inclined to reserve a spot for the issue at the front of the stove.

Rodents: A Danger To Home And Health

The main reason to focus on preventing rodents in Costa Mesa from inhabiting your property is because of the severe threat they pose to you and your family’s health. Since they typically reside in contaminated areas like dumpsters, sewers, and landfills, both mice and rats are known carriers of all kinds of bacteria. When they come into contact with your floors, furniture, pantry, kitchen, and meal-preparation surfaces, they put you at risk to incur many different diseases like salmonella and E.coli. Even their feces and urine are toxic and can cause sickness.

If health hazards don’t get your attention, then maybe dollar bills will. When mice and rats infest a home, they spend much of their time searching for food and gnawing. That’s right. They chew on anything in their path with sharp teeth and an unwillingness to quit. This puts your linens, electrical wires, insulation, and even wood siding at risk of costly damage. It also allows mice to squeeze their bodies into almost anywhere in the house after a little bit of chewing.

Prevention Practices

When it comes to prevention, there isn’t much you can do to keep mice and rats out of your house. Mice are so small (about three inches long at the most), that they’ll squeeze through the cracks and crevices in your house to find a way in. They’ll also chew their way in if necessary. Rats, on the other hand, take a more intelligent approach. These larger rodents are very smart compared to mice, so they’ll wait in hiding for an opportune moment to sneak in through an open garage door or vent.

While keeping them out can be tough, there are a few things you may be able to do to make your property less attractive:

  • Limit outdoor food sources like pet food and birdseed.

  • Rearrange lawn decorations so as to make rodents uncomfortable.

  • Apply proper weather-stripping to exterior doors to limit access.

Professionals Required

Aside from these activities, you really just have to hope rodents don’t come in because, once they’re in, they’re nearly impossible to get rid of. We discussed how intelligent rats can be. Plus, rats reproduce at a very high rate, so, for every one or two you take care of, one or two more are likely to be born in some hidden area of your home.

Mice are even more prolific. While they are more susceptible to traps and poison, a mouse infestation in your house can grow to dozens in a matter of weeks, rendering home remedies ineffective. With health hazards on the line, do you really want infestations to continue popping back up as you get rid of one or two rodents at a time? Sometimes, the only thing to do is enlist the help of a professional pest control company in Southern California. The safest, most effective way to deal with rodent infestations is to call in the experts - Smart Pest Control. Reach out to us today for rodent control services in Costa Mesa.

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