Why Are There So Many Ants In My Orange County Home?

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However, by first understanding the most common species to invade, you can soon ensure an ant-free home today and in the future. Some of the most common species of ants in Orange County include but aren't limited to:

  • Odorous House Ant: More a nuisance than anything else, this species of ant are identified by their dark brown to black coloring and their crawling over every surface. When crushed, they emit a rotten coconut smell.

  • Argentine Ant: Brown in color, this ant is small and non-stinging. However, they're the most persistent when it comes to getting inside, which is why they're often the culprits during ant infestations. This ant also lives in colonies that grow extremely fast and boasts multiple queens, making it possible for multiple colonies to exist on one property.

  • Carpenter Ant: One of the larger ants, this ant invades homes to gain access to the wood of your home. Unlike termites, this ant doesn't eat the wood. Instead, they merely tunnel through the wood to make their homes.

  • Red Imported Fire Ant: One of the three stinging ants in the Orange County area, this ant is about 1/4th an inch in size and boasts dark red coloring. They are highly aggressive and will sting in large numbers.

  • Southern Fire Ant: Like their imported cousins, this ant has a painful sting and can cause problems when in large groups despite their slightly smaller size.

  • Pharaoh Ant: Yellowish-brown in color, this ant also stings and is a fan of everything from greasy foods to other insects. Much like the Argentine ants, their colonies have multiple queens and large colonies that can grow and split easily.

Understanding Ant Infestations

Ants no matter the species can be considered opportunists, which is why they're often found indoors despite your best efforts. Some of the ways ants get inside are:

  • Compromised Screens Or Door Sweeps: If there's an opening due to a tear, hole, or other sign of damage the ant can help themselves to your home as easily as walking.

  • Gaps And Holes: Does your perimeter have cracks, holes, or crevices? If so, it might as well be a bullseye for ants, since they can fit through the tiniest of openings thanks to their small size.

  • Sloppy Piping Or Wiring: Sometimes, you need to have holes made to fit pipes and walls throughout the house. However, this needs to be done properly so the ants can’t come through these necessary holes.

At this point, now that we’ve covered the how,  you might be interested in ant prevention or at least understanding the why behind them coming inside. With ants, the prevention method is directly related to why they come inside. Some examples of prevention methods are:

  • Eliminate Water Sources: Every animal, including ants, needs water to stay alive. When there are water sources available, the ants will stay. It's simple science. The best thing you can do is to remove these water sources. Check for standing water, leaking pipes, clogged gutters, and other sources. For extra credit, consider a dehumidifier to eliminate the moisture in the air.

  • Remove Food Sources: Ants like eating your food. This includes sweet and fattening foods, so make sure neither is accessible. Cover the food when not eating and make sure to practice proper food storage. Also, all fruit and vegetables should be stored in the fridge instead of on the counter.

  • Wipe Away The Trail: Ants leave behind pheromones when they travel. This helps ants find their way back, which keeps them coming and going. To combat this, you'll need to break out the soap, water, and cleaners to remove traces of their pheromones.

Effective Ant Control With Smart Pest Control

Our team at Smart Pest Control is ready and willing to help you get your ant infestation problem under control. We begin by outlining a home pest service plan designed with your needs in mind. Once defined, it's time to provide ant treatments and schedule the necessary follow-up service, so you can enjoy an ant-free Orange County home. Call us today at Smart Pest Control!

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