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When you find an ant on your counter, you’ll likely begin to see more and more as the day goes on. Common area ants enter homes for a variety of reasons, but once inside, even if they don’t nest there, they’ll stick around your Anaheim home for food, water, or access to shelter from poor outdoor conditions. Because they leave an invisible trail, other ants easily find their way inside too. Eliminating an ant infestation on your own is difficult, but calling in Smart Pest Control to help will get your infestation under control in no time.

Our Ant Control Process

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Outlining A Service Plan

We’ll begin your service by discussing what you’ve been seeing and outlining a service plan to eliminate your ant problem. We’ll then move into the treatment phase, which involves using several methods for the most effective pest control for your property in Costa Mesa or surrounding areas

Ant Treatments

We’ll start treatment by laying down ant traps. We place bait and a granule product in hot spots and problem areas.

If we have access to the anthill, we’ll treat that area as well. If not, we’ll apply a granule that ants will bring back to their nest. This product helps eliminate the entire colony instead of just the ants you find in your house; targeting the colony results in full ant elimination.

Follow-Up Service

Follow-up visits may or may not be necessary depending on the service plan agreed to. Please contact us for more information on how we can service your Santa Ana area home.

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