Costa Mesa's Secret To Effective Mosquito Control

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Flying, blood-sucking, and swarming creatures from the sky aren't just science fiction – these household pests are an all-too-common reality for Costa Mesa residents. 

Most of us are familiar with the sight of mosquitoes flying about the backyard. Even more of us are used to sporting a bite or two during their more active months. However, the harsh reality is that mosquitoes in Costa Mesa aren't just annoying backyard biters but also dangerous and even deadly vectors of bacteria and disease. After all, any insect that transports blood from place to place is bound to carry something unpleasant.

Here in the United States, mosquitoes are capable of transmitting the following:

  • West Nile virus 

  • Dengue

  • Chikungunya

  • Yellow fever 

  • Encephalitis 

  • Tularemia

Large mosquito populations in the yard must be addressed immediately in order to decrease serious health risks. You can do this through a number of personal and professional mosquito control methods in Costa Mesa.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Mosquito Elimination Methods In Costa Mesa

There are many ways to combat mosquito infestation on the lawn, many of which involve preventing mosquitoes from bedding down in the first place. Unfortunately, the high humidity levels and mild winters of Costa Mesa often make this option an impossibility. The next step for many homeowners is a DIY treatment.

Many homeowners choose to try and reduce mosquito populations on their own, with varying degrees of success. Some of the least successful of these methods include: 

  • Tiki torches or other gimmicky 'aesthetic' products 

  • Trying citronella plants or candles planted near sitting areas 

  • UV lights and mosquito zappers

  • Home sprays, mixes, or oils applied to surfaces or clothing 

  • Certain types of over the counter sprays

Thankfully, not all home remedies are completely ineffective. In fact, some of the most effective mosquito prevention methods in Costa Mesa include:

  • Removing standing water levels from the home and lawn by removing tarps, toys, and other items that could be allowing pooling water to stick around.

  • Trimming hedges to a manageable height, and taking care to remove branches from the sides of the home.

  • Regularly cutting the grass to ensure that mosquitoes are unable to find moisture spots at the bottom of lush grass and laying their eggs in the damp soil.

Unsure if your prevention methods are up to snuff? Get a complimentary home inspection when you call the professionals at Smart Pest Control now.

Do It Right With Smart Pest Control

Home DIY methods can certainly put a dent in large mosquito populations, but the sad fact is that they will never fully eradicate an established presence. Thankfully, Smart Pest Control's mosquito control program does it better, in many unique ways.

  • Our pest control professionals know exactly where to look for mosquito infestations, eliminating guesswork. 

  • All treatments to outdoor areas dry safely and quickly, taking out mosquitoes almost at once. 

  • Professional mosquito treatments are applied on a regularly scheduled basis, ensuring that their populations are unable to re-establish themselves in the lawn. 

  • Helpful follow-up visits continue to provide encouragement and pest support throughout the abatement process.

To get started with the revolutionary mosquito control in Costa Mesa that our locally-owned company supplies, contact us immediately at Smart Pest Control. It may be late in the season, but our professional team is still raring to go. Our effective topical treatments and preventative products will blow you away and take down mosquitoes. Call our main office today to get started on the perfect abatement program or visit with a virtual agent by filling out an online contact form as soon as possible. We know you want to do pest control smart, and so do we. Let's keep you safe and mosquito-free together!

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