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Flea & Tick Control In Orange County, CA

Quality Flea & Tick Solutions For Orange County, CA

Fleas and ticks in Orange County are two parasitic pests that can cause serious problems for your family. When fleas get into your house, they multiply at an alarming rate and cover the people and pets inside with itchy bites. Although ticks can’t usually survive for long indoors, it only takes one tick bite to contract any number of serious diseases. Both of these pests can be found outdoors in your yard in Anaheim and will easily find their way inside by climbing onto a person or pet. If you’ve been having trouble with fleas in your Costa Mesa home or have noticed ticks outside, it’s time to take action with the help of Smart Pest Control.

Our Flea & Tick Control Process

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Our home flea and tick control service is a thorough treatment that protects your home and yard from these dangerous pests.

Effective Treatment

We begin by applying a liquid barrier treatment around the perimeter of your foundation. We then perform a crack and crevice flush-out to eliminate any fleas or ticks that were already on their way inside.

Your treatment also includes a wipe down of your foundation, eaves, and entry points. We also treat the grass to eliminate pests in your yard. If necessary, we’ll also apply a granule treatment for the best results.

If fleas or ticks are already in your house, we’ll also perform an interior treatment to eliminate them.

Follow-Up Service

Follow-up visits vary depending on your needs. We’ll discuss your particular situation with you to determine the best course of action. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a service visit for your Costa Mesa area property.

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At Smart Pest Control, we are so confident in our professional services, we offer a re-treatment and money-back guarantee!

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