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Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Orange County Property

Finding a spider in your house is not unusual, and most of the time it’s not a cause for major concern. However, when you start finding spiders in and around your Anaheim house regularly, it’s time to stop and consider what may be drawing them to your house. Keeping spiders away can feel like an exercise in frustration, but with Smart Pest Control by your side, the solution is simple.

Our Spider Control Process

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Discussing The Problem

Before treating your home for a spider problem, we’ll talk with you. We’ll want to know where you’ve seen spiders and how extensive the infestation seems to be. With this information, we’ll outline a customized service plan for your home and schedule a convenient date and time for your treatment.

Effective Treatment

During your treatment, we focus on the exterior of your home creating a protective barrier to keep spiders out. We begin with a thorough de-webbing. Spider webs collect everywhere and are often hard to reach. We carefully survey the outside of your home and get rid of these unsightly webs.

We’ll then apply a liquid barrier treatment spray around your house. This treatment performs two important tasks. First, it eliminates the spiders already present at your house. Second, it prevents spiders from returning.

Our spider control plan is available on a recurring basis if you sign up for a service plan. We recommend regular service visits to maintain the barrier of protection around your Costa Mesa house all year long. Contact us to schedule your first service visit.


Guaranteed Pest Control Services

At Smart Pest Control, we are so confident in our professional services, we offer a re-treatment and money-back guarantee!

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