A Handy Guide To Keeping Ants Out Of Your Costa Mesa Home

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They may not be poisonous, have wings, or suck blood, but these common Costa Mesa pests are still nothing to play around with. Many people regard the humble ant as a tiny backyard pest that creates tiny backyard problems. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. 

The most common ant species found around Costa Mesa include:

  • The Fire Ant 

  • The Odorous House Ant 

  • The Little Black Ant 

  • The Pharaoh Ant

The severity of the problems created by ants primarily depends on the species in question. Of course, nobody wants any of these aggravating pests hanging around the home, to begin with. At the end of the day, all ants are hard to get rid of once they get into a residential space.

Where To Start With Costa Mesa Ant Prevention

Prevention is a crucial part of ant control here in Costa Mesa. If ants are never able to get a hold in your clean, well-maintained lawn, your infestation risks drop dramatically.

Make the home and garden less habitable to Costa Mesa ant populations by implementing these important prevention tips:

  • A good place to start with ant prevention is to remove the factors that attract them in the first place. This step includes storing trash in approved or sealed bins, cleaning up food messes promptly, and washing dirty dishes or cutlery as soon as possible.

  • Identify and eliminate all potential entry points. Pay special attention to door and window screens, the foundations of the home, and the spaces under door sweeps. Use waterproof caulking to fill in any cracks that may have formed in walls.

  • Remove standing moisture in the house by checking for clogged pipes or leaking drains. Run a dehumidifier in problem spaces that require additional help.

Different types of ant prevention work better for certain species, making prevention that much more complicated. Get a handle of the species of ant in your local lawn by reaching out to the professionals at Smart Pest Control today. Our complimentary home inspections are perfect for confirming, counteracting, and complementing your household ant prevention methods.

Smart Pest Control Eliminates Costa Mesa Ants

Many different kinds of pests plague our Costa Mesa homes, many of them are simply nuisances or lawn bystanders. Ants are a little bit of both, plus something extra. Squirming their way into your home, ants quickly begin to rely on your house for food and water sources. Their large colonies and ever-increasing numbers will only continue to exacerbate these issues. Odorous house ants and little black ants may descend upon pantries in swarms, contaminating food and dry goods all over the home.

Building nests in HVAC systems, roofs, and important electrical wiring, some species can create devastating house fires that destroy entire buildings. Unless you do something about their nefarious presence, homeowners may be vulnerable to all sorts of pest destruction.

Contact Smart Pest Control today for more advice or assistance related to the care and treatment of ants on your Costa Mesa lawn. A long history of quality service has equipped us to deal with ant infestations at any level, from deep-rooted carpenter ants to outdoor fire ant skirmishes. Get a birds-eye view of the ant control solutions we offer by calling the Costa Mesa office of Smart Pest Control right away.

Want more information first? Fill out our online contact form to speak with a trained representative about your unique options. Professional pest control is always here for you, no matter what you might be facing. Do things the smart way by partnering with Smart Pest Control today!

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