Wasp Identification & Prevention

What are wasps?

Wasps are a type of stinging insect. The majority of wasps in Costa Mesa are predators that kill insects to feed their developing larvae. Most adult wasps have a diet that consists of pollen and plant nectar. Wasps are eco-important because they help control populations of dangerous and nuisance insects and aid in the pollination of plants and crops. A wasp’s appearance differs depending on the species, but some general physical characteristics include:

  • Pointed lower abdomen

  • Narrow “waist” that separates the thorax and abdomen

  • Three body parts - head, thorax, and abdomen

  • Long, thin wings

  • Six legs that dangle down when in flight

  • A wide range of colors including black, brown, yellow, orange, and metallic colors

wasps on a cup

Are wasps dangerous?

While wasps are eco-important, when they nest too close to people, they become dangerous. Wasps have smooth stingers and can deliver stings repeatedly to the person or animal they view as a threat. Wasps can be aggressive, and any wasp will sting in order to protect themselves or their nest.

The venom wasps and other stinging insects have is strong enough to trigger allergic reactions in people. Depending on the individual and amount of stings delivered, the allergic reaction may range from just swelling around the sting to life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Why do I have a wasp problem?

The following things attract wasps to yards and other outdoor spaces:

  • Gardens
  • Open trash cans and compost areas
  • Sources of water like clogged gutters, pools, birdbaths, and low-lying areas
  • Trees, shrubs, and bushes
  • Lots of flowering vegetation
  • Structures they can build nests on
  • A lot of insect activity

Wasps mainly live outdoors, and any property that offers them their basics needs, they'll will take advantage of.

Where will I find wasps?

In most cases, wasps will build a nest that looks like it is made out of a paper-like material using a mixture of saliva, wood pulp, and other plant materials. They are typically aerial nesters and build nests up off the ground in sheltered areas.

  • Tree branches
  • Shrubs and bushes
  • Under roof
  • In the corners of doorways
  • Under roof eaves
  • Under decks or porches
  • In garages, sheds, or barns
  • In chimneys or attics

How do I get rid of wasps?

The smartest way to eliminate wasps and other pests from your property is to partner with the professionals at Smart Pest Control. We deliver stinging insect control services in Costa Mesa that are comprehensive and detailed, making sure we get to the root of your pest problem and completely solve it.

To learn more about how our locally owned company will protect your property from pests, reach out to Smart Pest Control today. We can work together to ensure that your Costa Mesa home or business becomes and stays free of pests, we guarantee it! Call today to learn more about our wasp control solutions in Costa Mesa, CA!

How can I prevent wasps in the future?

The professionals at Smart Pest Control can help you prevent problems with wasps and other pests. In addition, use the following tips to help prevent future problems with wasps.

  • Put a year-round pest control plan in place. Lowering the overall number of pests on your property is important. A lot of insect activity attracts wasps and other predators to your yard and home.
  • Don’t over-plant, so as to limit the amount of flowering vegetation on your property and to allow the sun to dry out the soil below. Damp earth and moisture attract many of the insects that wasps hunt.
  • Trim tree branches and shrubs back away from the outside of your house.
  • Keep wasps out of your home by ensuring that screens are intact, covers are over chimneys, and holes along the roofline are sealed.
  • Reduce water sources by keeping gutters clear, storing containers that collect water upside down, not over-watering potted plants, and repairing low-lying areas.

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