Do Roly-Polies Cause Problems On Orange County Properties?

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Managing pest populations around your Orange County home or business can be challenging for several reasons. First, it can be tough to figure out how or why they’re coming indoors. Second, many creepy crawlers can penetrate your place without you knowing it until the damage is done. Third, a large number of critters can reproduce very quickly. Those that are notorious invaders have a reputation that’s often spoken about. The more people talk, the wider useful information is spread. If you’re facing insects or creatures that aren’t as well-known though, stopping them can be even harder.

Sowbugs aren’t usually a main topic of discussion. Therefore, the majority of property owners don’t know how to tackle them. To the average person, it’s unclear what motivates them or what their associated risks are. It’s also a mystery how to prevent them. Get the scoop on sowbugs now, and learn what Smart Pest Control can do to help.

How Do Sowbugs Look And Behave? What Are the Risks?

Sowbugs have multiple names, including roly-poly, woodlouse, and pillbug. Actual pillbugs are a bit different, however. They are capable of rolling up into a ball when they’re afraid, and they don’t have any appendages. Meanwhile, sowbugs have two that are similar to a tail. Another important fact is that these pests aren’t really bugs; they’re classified as land crustaceans.

The 0.39-inch-long bodies of sowbugs are generally dark in color, being brown, reddish-brown, or blackish. They are segmented, flat, and have the shape of an oval. Two sets of antennae and seven pairs of legs assist them in navigating the world. Moist areas rich with organic matter are where they flourish. For instance, lawns, woodlands, and grassy zones. You’re liable to find loads of them around the following:

  • Mulch
  • Plants and flowerbeds
  • Leaves
  • Log piles 
  • Rocks
  • Garbage cans

Eating rotting natural materials is the primary objective of a sowbug. With that in mind, your gardens and landscaping may be ruined by these nocturnal critters. Given their proximity to homes and businesses, they can wander indoors. Structural crevices and openings in windows and doors are their typical points of entry. They’ll settle in spots like basements and garages. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about getting stung or bitten. Humans and domestic animals will not be harmed; neither will personal effects. An additional benefit is that sowbugs expeditiously die indoors due to drying out.

How Can Sowbugs Be Prevented?

The key to keeping sowbugs away is to deprive them of the environmental conditions that make them comfortable. Yes, it’s impossible to rid the earth of dampness, soil, and organic debris, but what you can do is control the level of these elements near your domicile or establishment by:

  • Turning downspouts away from foundations 
  • Cleaning vents and gutters often
  • Removing rocks, organic debris, and decaying matter from the yard 
  • Trimming grass and greenery regularly 
  • Avoid sitting logs and firewood on the ground 
  • Sitting plants and wood at least two feet away from the property 
  • Making sure screens, sweeps, and weather-stripping are intact
  • Using a dehumidifier to regulate dampness 
  • Having leaks and moisture problems repaired

What Can Smart Pest Control Do About Sowbugs?

With Smart Pest Control, you’ll receive home pest control or commercial pest management that's unmatched! Our efficient technicians will do a full examination to ensure nests and entryways are identified. Then, they’ll build a custom treatment plan for you. Our safe solutions involve both interior and exterior applications, proactive barriers, and more. Follow-up appointments, recurring visits, and guarantees are available. Maintain your land by contacting us at Smart Pest Control today! When you do, you’ll be offered a free inspection! 

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